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Nick Griffiths

I graduated from BBC producer Simon Nicholls’ most excellent Comedy Writing MA, via Falmouth University, in January 2023. (With a Distinction, but hey, this is the real world.) Having been a writer for all of my professional life – with a blip where I opened a vintage-lighting shop in Cornwall – I have no idea why I didn’t focus on scriptwriting sooner. I guess I was deliriously happy as a journalist and author, at that time. Now, however, I have an all-new drive…

Nick Griffiths

Pipeline Projects

Bowie in Birmingham poster

Bowie in Birmingham

6 x 30-minutes audience sitcom

What if Bowie and Iggy never made it to Berlin in ’76, and only got as far as Birmingham? Where, having previously been pampered by PRs and flunkies, they are incapable of opening a tin of beans.

Pilot script and pitch document available.

Wicker poster


6 x 30-minutes audio folk-horror-com

Erin Bray-Brennan inherits a house in the Cornish village of Wicker, planning with partner, Bob, to setup a Tourist Information hub. Unfortunately, she hasn’t run this past the villagers, who really don’t like visitors – and that includes Erin.

Pilot script available.

DeadStar poster


4 x 30-minutes comedy-drama

Adaptation of my own oral-history music fiction (see Author page), for radio. A punk/New Wave British Daisy Jones.

Ep 1 script available.

Broadcast Work

Radio 4, 9 May 2023

Wosson Cornwall

Dawn French and Edward Rowe star in a new sketch show with a Cornish flavour. Park the clichés and open your eyes to the reality of this wondrous funny and feral land.

My sketch, The Cornish Oracle, can be heard from 14.54 – 16.30. My first broadcast work since graduating in January. Small acorns…

Wosson cornwall ident


Filmmatic conedy screenplay awards 2023

Semi-finalist Filmmatic Comedy Screenplay Awards 2023

The Pilot script for my Bowie in Birmingham TV audience sitcom reached the Semi Finals of Filmmatic’s Comedy Screenplay Awards.

ScreenCraft Comedy competition quarter finalists image

Quarter-finalist ScreenCraft Comedy Screenplay Competition 2023

Almost 2,300 scripts were entered into ScreenCraft’s Comedy Screenplay Competition 2023. The Pilot script for my Bowie in Birmingham TV audience sitcom reached the Quarter Finals.

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