Nick Griffiths author of Dalek I Loved You and DeadStar

Nick Griffiths

Having gained a degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering by mistake, my writing career kicked off in 1989 when I sent in a spec review of Tin Machine to Sounds. I adore Bowie – but not that. Not Tin Machine. (Ironically, the only time I got to meet the great man himself came two-and-a-bit years later, interviewing him briefly for Select about a performance he’d just given… as Tin Machine. I politely told him I wasn’t keen. He quite reasonably failed to give a monkey’s.)

So I wrote for Sounds – my dream job, having lapped up the paper in in my youth – and Select, as we’ve gathered, then wandered via women’s magazines and computer games mags into writing about television. I spent well over a decade writing features for Radio Times and reviews for the Daily Mail, before the internet killed my journalism career and I moved from London to Cornwall with a young family in tow.

In the meantime I had a few books published – see the link above – most notably, my memoir about growing up loving Doctor Who, Dalek I Loved You.

Since 2014, I’ve been running a vintage lighting shop, Any Old Lights, in Fowey – but for too long, I’d missed writing. Hence DeadStar.