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“A hilarious oral history… with heavy doses of Spinal Tap. Turn it up to eleven!” – Reedsy Discovery

“DeadStar nails the mid-century music industry – a must-read for anyone with interest in or nostalgia for that era…” – Keeping up with the Penguins

“Gripping and highly entertaining…” – Darren’s Music Blog

“Sex, drugs and brilliant prose! This book is so good. A proper British version of Daisy Jones & The Six…” – Book Addict

“A perfect read for anyone craving the nostalgic 70s/80s music vibe…” – Bookworm Blogger

“With all its vibrant and eccentric characters, DeadStar would be superb televised. I loved it! – The Word Is Out

“Wonderfully witty and original…” Beatles Freak Reviews

“It feels so real, like you could discover a whole other version on Google. But you can’t. It’s a work of fiction…” – Books by the Boats

“I couldn’t stop reading. Seriously addictive…” – Beyond the Books

My Marketing Journey

You can read all the expert instruction you like – and I did! – but there’s only one way to really discover the highs & lows, rights & wrongs of launching and trying to sell a book: by doing it yourself.

What’s it like to reach for the stars, but end up floating in a tin can?

Garth Tyson wanted to be the next David Bowie. He fell short. Waaaay short. Burnt out, he fled the stage at Glastonbury ’85, having been pelted with mud, and was never seen again.

You’re familiar with the stars of this era: the Adam Ants, Duran Durans and Depeche Modes – musicians who successfully navigated punk and New Wave to become icons.

Bet you’ve never heard of Garth Tyson – singer, brother, dreamer. Stallholder.

That’s why we’re here.

Decades after Garth’s disappearance, former bandmates, friends, relatives, lovers, music-biz execs and two fans (you try finding more) reunite to tell Garth’s compelling, tragicomic tale. Can any shed light on what really happened to him?

Not everyone appears willingly. Here’s Garth’s 80-year-old mother, Doreen Thyssen: ‘I don’t like people who dig dirt. Fuck off.’ The charmer.

Loved Daisy Jones? Try this perfectly squalid British version.

Speed of Life's Regan & Carter picture disc

Bowie Competition!

Running exclusively through the amazing Bowie Fascination page on Facebook, a competition for full-on Bowie fans…

As I was writing DeadStar, I found myself inserting short phrases that happened to be Bowie lyrics into the text. There are ten in total, varying from easy to tricky, covering pretty much all eras. You just need to find all ten, identifying the tracks they’re from!

Email your answers to me using the Contact page of this website. Closing date is 1 May 2022.

First three correct answers out of the hat win a signed DeadStar First Edition (of 250 copies). The last of those picked out will also win the top prize: #1 of a limited edition (of 10) Regan & Carter 7-inch picture disc, by Bowiephile Garth Tyson’s band, Speed of Life (as featured in DeadStar). Listen to the song.