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An oral history

Garth Tyson wanted to be the next David Bowie. He fell short. Waaaay short. Burnt out, he fled the stage at Glastonbury ’85, having been pelted with mud, and was never seen again.

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Author & Scriptwriter

Nick Griffiths

I graduated in Electrical & Electronic Engineering by mistake, and have been correcting the error ever since. My journalism career began on Sounds – following a spec review of Tin Machine – and via Select, women’s magazines and computer games mags, I ended up writing for many years about television, primarily for the Radio Times and (whisper it) Daily Mail. In between, I’ve written several books and recently graduated from Falmouth University’s Comedy Writing MA, finally washing those electronics right out of my hair. I’m all about making people laugh.

Other Books

Dalek I Loved You cover

Dalek I Loved You (2007)

Nick Griffiths watched his first Doctor Who aged four and a bit. He would have hidden behind the sofa but it was back against the wall and his parents didn’t let him move furniture so he hid behind a cushion instead. He’s since been told by his mum and dad that they didn’t have a sofa only armchairs. So this book should really be called Behind the Armchair, but that didn’t sound right.

In the Footsteps of Harrison Dextrose cover

In the Foosteps of Harrison Dextrose (2008)

“It was my 18th birthday when I chanced upon Harrison Dextrose’s The Lost Incompetent: a Bible for the Inept Traveller, little knowing that it would one day lead me to kill a man with a dead penguin…”

Inspired by explorer Harrison Dextrose’s book, Alexander Grey rolls off his sofa to follow in the acclaimed explorer’s footsteps.

Who Goes There cover

Who Goes There (2008)

A  travel book with Doctor Who at its core. Nick travels England and Wales, seeking locations used in the show. Being an odd kind of show, its locations too are odd. This is no glamorous trip. Dungeness Nuclear Power Station, anyone? A flooded china clay pit in Cornwall? As he travels, so Nick discovers another side to our well-trodden country, which is no less evocative. Then he goes to the pub.

Looking for Mrs dextrose cover

Looking for Mrs Dextrose (2010)

“I glanced at Dextrose’s nose, pock-marked, crimson and bulbous, the overripe strawberry that everyone leaves in the punnet. As I did so, his right nostril blew a bubble of snot that might fascinate a small child.”

So returns Alexander Grey, haunted by the revelations of his previous adventure, and with a new goal in life: to find his missing mother.


…the book Nick Hornby would have written if he’d spent his life obsessing over Doctor Who rather than footie. Nostalgic and funny.

– The Mail on Sunday reviews Dalek I Loved You


Sex, drugs and brilliant prose! This book is so good. A proper British version of Daisy Jones & The Six…

– BookAddict on DeadStar


Promise me you’ll never read this. An unforgivably boring trawl through a incredibly dull man’s life. The worst part of it is he clearly hates Doctor Who. A complete wanker.

– Online Praise for Dalek I loved You

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